two individuals meeting promoting university of Calgary Faculty of Social Work's non-profit leadership program

Non-Profit Leadership Development Program

Our comprehensive, journey-based program empowers non-profit professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective leaders in the non-profit sector. 

This training is what I was looking for...

This training is what I was looking for as it provides an overview of many key leadership competencies that leaders are often left to learn on their own.

Program Participant, February 2024

"What will I learn?" About the Program.

Our journey-based program is offered through nine monthly, online sessions, (1.5 hrs). There is also an in-person networking event, a community of practice, and a graduation ceremony. At the end of the program you’ll also share your learning through a brief Capstone Project.

Our comprehensive and unique program program provides the knowledge and skills you need to become an effective leader of your non-profit organization. It's also focused on the crucial information most needed by non-profit leaders, including: 

• Governance best practices  
• Strategic planning  
• Diversity and inclusion  
• Stakeholder collaboration 
• Conflict resolution 

• Coaching skills for leaders 
• Social enterprise 
• Fund development 
• Environmental, social, and corporate governance 
   and social justice

Transform Your Leadership

Knowledge & Skills

At the end of this program, you will gain the
knowledge and skills you need to effectively
manage your non-profit.


Gain the confidence to lead change and make the necessary critical decisions in your organization.


Build your personal network with other
non-profit leaders as you help to drive
positive change in your community.

Learn from experienced non-profit leaders

Our non-profit leadership development program features leaders and experts who will share their expertise and perspectives based on decades of experience, and research, leading in the non-profit, government and post-secondary fields. 

Francis Boakye

Executive Director of Action Dignity

"An inclusive culture should be linked to how your organizational systems work."

Don McSwiney

Diane Kenyon

Community Engagement
Non profit Senior Leader & Consultant

"Reputation drives everything else."

Kathleen MacPherson

Fund Development
UCalgary Senior Director of Development  

"You need to get the money in the door, so you can do the important work you do."

Don McSwiney

Joy Bowen-Eyre

CEO The Alex Community Health Centre. 

"A strong board ensures you deliver on you mandate and don't stray from your purpose."

Don McSwiney

Jeff Loomis

Leadership Coaching
Executive Director of Momentum

"Non-profit leaders need to take more "host" than a "hero" approach to leadership in their organizations.

Don McSwiney

We need to grow a group of up-and-coming leaders ...

We’re at a critical stage in the non-profit sector, where sustainability is an issue, but demand for services is growing. We need to grow a group of up-and-coming leaders who are prepared to take leadership to the next level. In order to do that they need to understand the core operations of a not-for-profit and how it functions.

Joy Bowen-Eyre CEO of The Alex Community Health Centre

Joy Bowen-Eyre

CEO The Alex Community Health Ctr.