Faculty of Social Work Faulty and Staff

A Healthy and Inspiring Workplace

Creating a Healthy and Sustainable Faculty

2022-23 Progress A Healthy and Inspiring Workplace

Prioritizing open communication

The dean and senior leadership maintained a policy of transparent communication through routine email updates regarding faculty administrative changes and open meetings that fostered dialogue and engagement from all faculty members. Additionally, the communications department continued to issue biweekly faculty newsletters, featuring news and events relevant to students, faculty and staff.

I-Rest yoga classes offered

Online and on our Calgary campus, faculty and staff were invited to participate in complimentary restorative classes aimed at increasing skills for diversity work and promoting balance throughout the day.

Working from home continues

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty and staff appreciated the flexibility of remote work, provided it didn't affect student and community services. Given that productivity remained unaffected, the faculty has enabled staff to continue with a combination of on-campus and remote work schedules.


Telling our story

enhance our “brand” by sharing our stories and showcasing our research, students and programs. For instance, we reached a broad audience of more than one million people via our social media platforms, and we digitally published more than 100 stories and news releases across UToday, our website and other platforms.