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Welcome to the Office of Field Education!


Field instruction is the heart of social work education – and we can't do it without you! 

Becoming a field instructor offers personal and professional benefits, including the contributions that students offer your organization. You'll have the opportunity to shape someone's life and career, while giving back to the profession by providing your wisdom and professional guidance. Field instructors need to be Registered Social Workers with two or more years of experience. You must also have either a BSW or an MSW. 

How field instruction works

Field education, or practicum is where the "rubber hits the road" for our students. Practicum provides practical and supervised opportunities for students to develop and apply their social work knowledge, values, ethics and skills. This experience integrates the theory and skills students are learning in the classroom with their professional practice and social work identity.

If you're interested in becoming a supervisor, here's how our team will support you, every step of the way.  


The Field Instructor

It all starts with the field instructor. All students need to be supervised by an experienced social worker. In addition to ongoing guidance and feedback, the field instructor provides the student a minimum of one hour of supervision for every 15 placement hours.

Faculty Liaison

The next member of the practicum team is the faculty liaison, this is a university-based faculty member. The faculty liaison is the teacher-of-record for the practicum course. They facilitate the integrative seminar that accompanies the practicum placement, make regular visits (on-site or via distance) to placement agencies and participate in evaluations of the student's achievement.

Office of Field Education

Field instructors and faculty liaisons are supported by members of the Office of Field Education. The Field team are committed to providing quality support to further enrich the field education experience of students and field instructors. We're available for consultation to students, field instructors, partner agency representatives, and faculty liaisons.

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Field Instructors Needed

We need alumni and social workers to become field instructors. Your contributions are critical in helping us to train the next generation of social workers. 


Information on becoming a field instructor

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What's required to be field instructor?

Field instructors need to be Registered Social Workers.

You must also have either a BSW or an MSW.

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