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Equity, Racial Justice, Decolonization & Inclusive Excellence

Our Commitment to Equity, Decolonization, and Anti-Racism



Address racism, including anti-Black racism, and all forms of oppression, social injustice and their intersections. 


Work towards actualizing equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization within the faculty and community, including implementing the Equity Action Plan, Anti-Black Racism Action Plan and Indigenous Strategy. 


Create diverse and inclusive pathways and spaces for equity-deserving groups. 


Engage in knowledge development, mobilization and teaching approaches that honour diverse ways of knowing and forms of knowledge. 


Progress: 2022-23

Equity, Racial Justice, Decolonization & Inclusive

  • Kiipitakyoyis’ first full year of operation. Lodge receives name, informs creation of new specialization and curriculum. 
  • Anti-Black Racism Task Force informs creation of new curriculum. 
  • Canadian Muslim Youth national research project. 
  • Dr. Regine King’s research informs City of Calgary anti-racism strategy. 

2022-23 Update: Kiipitakyoyis (Grandmothers’ Lodge)

The Indigenous Lodge within the Faculty of Social Work

2022-23 Update: Anti-Black Racism Task-force

2022-23 Milestones: Members of the Anti-Black Racism Task Force have significantly contributed to the design of three novel undergraduate courses.


Strategic Priority: Equity, Racial Justice, Decolonization & Inclusive Excellence