Practicum students

Field education information for MSW students

Gain social work skills and knowledge

Under the supervision of qualified social workers, you will have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and classroom experience. Students engage in experiential learning activities, knowledge building and develop their professional practice framework informed by social work values and ethics.

MSW Practicum

  1. SOWK 633 - Foundational Field Practicum

    The Foundational Field Practicum (450 hours) is normally required of students with an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than social work. The purpose of the foundational practicum is to provide students with opportunities to develop, integrate, and reinforce social work competence through supervised practice in an agency setting.

    The foundational practicum course requires students to complete 450 placement hours in Winter semester of their first year.

    Note: Students with extensive social work experience may be eligible to receive credit by special assessment for the Foundational Practicum. Details regarding this possibility are included in the MSW Field Education Manual.

  2. SOWK 660 - Advanced Practicum

    The Advanced Practicum is required of all students in the MSW program. The purpose of the course is to develop students' existing social work knowledge and skills to a specialized level. The practicum promotes integration of the theory and skills students learn in the classroom with their professional practice and social work identity.

    The Advanced Practicum course requires students to complete a minimum of 500 hours.