Social Work students at our University of Calgary, Edmonton campus location

Student Experience, Learning, and Success

A Focus on Teaching and Learning



Prepare and build student knowledge, skills and values to lead practice and change in society. 


Provide a leading-edge curriculum that addresses the intersectionality of racism, colonization, social injustice, sustainability, well-being and social change. 


Support the mental health and well-being of students. 

Promote student-centred and lifelong learning. 


Enhance experiential -learning opportunities within the curriculum and field education. 


Progress: 2022-23

Student Experience, Learning, and Success

  • Creation of re-imagined BSW.  

  • MSW program receives Maximum Accreditation Renewal Term from Canadian Association for Social Work Education. 

  • Developing new graduate certificate: Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Leadership.  

  • Innovative Field Education Solutions introduced. 

Milestones: 2022-23 Teaching and Learning

Our faculty continuously evaluates and develops our programs to meet the changing needs of the social work profession and today’s busy students. Over the last two years, with extensive engagement from alumni, students, community partners, Elders, and the social work community, we’ve made big changes to advance our mission to become a local and global partner in transformative social work knowledge, education, research, and practice.

By the Numbers: Total Enrolment

By the Numbers: Total Enrolment

2022 – 2023: Faculty Recognized for Teaching Excellence

Our faculty remains a UCalgary leader in teaching excellence, highlighted this year as social work instructors were recognized in six of the 14 (43%) categories, during the June 30, 2022, celebration. Teachers are nominated by students, faculty, and staff for their extraordinary efforts in creating valuable learning experiences in blended, online, and in-person environments.

Impact: Graduates

Impact: Graduates

Meet a few of our inspiring 2022-23 grads

2022 University of Calgary Teaching Awards

Christine Walsh (Graduate Supervision)
Regine King & Patrina Duhaney (Team Teaching)
Charlene Richard (Sessional Instructor)
Jane Slessor (Sessional Instructor)
Maimuna Khan (Graduate Assistant Teaching)
Maria Fernandez (Non-Academic Staff – Individual)

2022 - Student’s Union Teaching Excellence Awards

Kerrie Moore (Recipient)
Gail Zuk (Honourable mention)

2023 – Student’s Union Teaching Excellence Awards

Chantel Large (Recipient)
Erin McFarlane (honourable mention)
Jason Stein (honourable mention)

2022 Faculty of Social Work Teaching Awards

Amy Fulton & Angela Judge-Stasiak (Non-Academic Staff)
Alison Grittner (Undergraduate Teaching)
Monica Sesma-Vazquez (Graduate Teaching)
Lateef Habib (Student Supervision, Mentorship, and Support Teaching
Alysia Wright (Sessional Instructor Teaching)

2023 Faculty of Social Work Teaching Awards

Ann Chen & Stephanie Grant (Non-Academic Staff)
Chantel Large & Jason Stein (Undergraduate Teaching)
Patricia (Trish) Smith (Graduate Teaching)
Monica Sesma-Vazquez (Student Supervision, Mentorship, and Support Teaching
Kaltrina Kusari (Sessional Instructor Teaching)
Julie Mann-Johnson (Educational Leadership Teaching)

Milestones: Student Experience, Learning, and Success


2022-23 Update Field Education


2022-23 Update: Professional Development Programs